SWFAddress: USE IT!

Making your Flash project utilize the back/forward browser buttons used to be a pain…. years ago. Making your project deep-linkable used to be a pain…. years ago. Tracking your user’s traffic through your Flash project used to be a pain…. years ago. There are no more excuses.

SWFAddress has been around for a while, and its a little a dissapointing to see new, all-Flash projects being released without incorporating browser button and deep-linking support. If you are interested in using SWFAddress, check out the SWFAddress site to download it and check out the example project.

It relies on your project being embedded with the SWFObject, which you are hopefully using anyway. An added bonus: add the google analytics urchin to your project and you will be able to track all changes to the hash of your URL (your users’ navigation through your SWF)

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