Sticky-icky IPA and Pumpkin 3.14

Ahhh the fall is here at last… at least the low 60s temperatures anyway. Which means? …. perfect outdoor fermentation temperatures are fast approaching. In an effort to coax mother nature to lend her hand to my beery ventures, I have a couple brews on the back porch enjoying the temperatures.

First up, brewed last Monday, Labor Day 2011, is batch of perhaps my favorite style to brew: pumpkin ale. I call mine Pumpkin 3.14. I ripped the name off an old Flossmoor Station pumpkin ale. I am also furiously trying to rip off their flavor profile as well. Their pumpkin ale was the first I ever had, and all the subsequent thousands have only paled in comparison. I no longer live the CHI area, but it’s no matter, since they have not re-issued this beer since 2007. Maybe I’ll ask the former brewmaster for some recipe tips!

Next up, just brewed yesterday, is Sticky-icky. It’s an IPA. It will hopefully have a dank west-coast aroma. It does not contain and illicit material. Last weekend, Colleen and I were at brew festival in Portland Maine. We had a killer IPA called Stowaway from Baxter Brewing Company. For all the east coast/west coast 90’s-rap-style IPA battles, this is the most westward leaning IPA brewed on the east coast I have tasted. Actually, it’s better than a west coast IPA. It’s closer to a Midwest IPA. And the Midwest has the best beers on the planet. Anyway, I digress. This beer convinced me to stop brewing all the mild/delicate beers of the summer and built a giant hop bomb. Yum.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, there are no pictures. Colleen has been holding my camera hostage in the Longwood Medical Area, taking pictures of people’s teeth for her research/case studies/creepy hobby.

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