Making beautiful things out of the dust

Colleen and I went to evening service at church last night. Not surprisingly, 9/11 was an underlying theme. Dave’s sermon linked it nicely with the parable of the indebted servants. He says, Jesus supplied 3 surprising tenants tenets from that parable:

  • Do not fear
  • Do not judge
  • Do not complain

Applying these tenets to 9/11, both reflections and future actions, can seem illogical on the surface. But really, regardless of religious affiliation or not, any good that sprung forth in 9/11’s wake abides.

Finally, there was a song played during the service, that I am pretty sure has it’s roots in Genesis, but applies almost perfectly to 9/11. It’s about beautiful being made from the dust. It’s good to refocus with a positive outlook.

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  1. John Barrett (Squamrock) says:

    Particularly in light of your immediately preceding entry (“I are terrible @ writing…”) I want to believe that your citation of “the 3 surprising tenants” that Jesus provided is an attempt at meta-irony.

    As a landlord, I’ve HAD surprising tenants. Their names were Mario, Alec, and Arianna.

    I THINK you must be referring to Jesus’ 3 top tips for a civil set of TENNIS:

    Do not swear
    Do not bait the judge
    Do not complain about bad calls

    Hope this helps.

  2. jon says:

    No irony intended, unfortunately! Thanks for looking out, though. I appreciate the humorous insights :)

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