Btw, it’s really easy to make beef jerky

This weekend I added my 2nd and 3rd batches of beef jerky to the dryer. The first batch came out well; I used Alton Brown’s stock recipe/box-fan technique.

The new batches are inspired from this thread. I have a mango-jalepenos (my local store was out of habaneros) and a carde-asada batch drying out now. For both, I used my trusty food processor to make the marinades. Here are the recipes, for ~.5 lbs of beef respectively:

Mango Jalapeño

– 1/2 cup soy sauce
– 1/6 cup worcestershire sauce
– 3 drop liquid smoke
– one 10oz bag of frozen mango
– one de-stemmed jalapeño
– 5 cloves garlic

Carne Asada

– 1/2 soy sauce
– 1/6 worcestershire sauce
– 3 drop liquid smoke
– 1/2 lime juice
2 whole limes, chopped
– 5 cloves garlic
– 1 tbs onion powder
– 1 tbs red pepper flakes

UPDATE: Do NOT use whole limes – stick to just the juice. While they smell wonderful, the pith of the peels are extremely bitter. They ruined my carne asada batch!

Tomorrow morning will be like Christmas all over again.

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