Yahoo! Maps: AS3/Flex vs. AS2/Flash

Given the visibilty of mapping APIs today, it is not a supprise that many of our clients are requesting mapping elements on their site. Since I am a flash developer, I hold a particular affinity for creating solutions with Yahoo! maps over Google maps.

Since the Yahoo! maps component is an AS2 movie at its core, the AS3 API essentially wraps the AS2 map and communicates with it via the Yahoo! AS3 Maps Communication Kit. While the AS3 API lets you use all the AS2 functionality, the big kicker: it requires you use the Flex framework (adding 200kb+) to your project.

Now, if you are building a Flex app and want to add a mapping component, then you are all set, but if you are just building a mapping widget to compliment a website, then the using AS3 for your map starts to look wwaaaayyy less appealing.

I am not sure why Yahoo! decided to depend on the Flex framework, but that dependancy on that translates into embedding the entire Flex runtime into your SWF. That means no pure AS3 projects using Yahoo! maps.

It would rock to see a native AS3 mapping component solution in the future. I can’t imagine that is too far away.

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  1. justaquestion says:

    whats 200k in the age of broadband? it takes 1 milisecond to download?

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