flossmoor’s pumpkin 3.14

Last week the miss and I went to the annual Brewmaster’s Dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery here in the city. It was just about the best idea for a dinner party… 6 finely crafted beers, eac paired with a great meal course. The crowd was really cool, all the brewers were there taling about their beers and the chef introduce each course and talked about why she chose the food to pair with the beer.

While all the beer was excellent, the intro beer, Pumpkin 3.14 [3.14 == Pi; get it :) ] by Floosmoor Station blew me away. This by far the best seasonal beer I have ever had, and possibly the best overall beer i have ever had.

The beer was soooo fresh, the pour was perfect, and it had wonderful creamy, yet light pumpkin flavor. This beer is worth tracking down and trying! Check the first link to see pictures of the brew-master in action.

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