Google Maps AS3 API

I am excited to see that Google has finally released a AS3 api for Google Maps ! While I have not really spent any time playing around with it, I did have a quick look at the API Reference and it looks promising. The one thing that caught my eye was the GroundOverlay class, which lets you attach an image to a lat/lon bounding box. Pretty neat.

All in all Google Maps will have a tough time winning me over from the amazing Yahoo! Maps API, but perhaps if they start to integrate Street View and some of the other features that make Google Maps so cool, Yahoo! will have some close competition.

A nice bonus with the Google documentation: it provides the best tutorial I have seen on how to setup the free Adobe AS3 SDK I have seen. When I make something with the Google Maps API, i’ll be sure to post it….

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  1. Melida Capello says:

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