Tinkering: Five3D AS3 TextCloud

Update… I cleaned up the source for this demo a bit. It’s a little better encapsulated, and you have more control over scattering/assembling the characters.

I was just taking a break from writing an article on using SQLite in an AIR project, and I landed on Zack Jordan’s blog and was checking out this cool textcloud he made with Five3D . I quickly became distracted from my article and headed over the Five3D site and download the Five3D AS3 library and began playing around with it. I saw people were interested in source code for the Text Cloud, so i decided to give a demo a crack.

Overall, I was really impressed with Five3D. I have been experimenting with Papervision lately as well. Five3D is not really a replacement for Papervision per se, as it is vector based (not bitmap based like Papervision) and does not have cameras. It’s more akin to what Adobe is doing with the Astro. Being vector based makes it especially awesome for handling text. As you hopefully got to see in the demo, the text can be changed at runtime… Mathieu Badimon (the creator of Five3D) has made a very handy Flash utility that will convert any font on your machine to a Five3D typography file for use in Five3D. Man, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Five3D before this! I think i will be spending more more time learning Five3D (sorry SQLite).

In this demo, i’m using TweenLite to handle the animations. That’s about it… Hope you find it helpful.

Here are the Five3DTextCloudDemo.zip

5 Responses to 'Tinkering: Five3D AS3 TextCloud'

  1. Zack Jordan says:

    Hey Jonathan-
    Looks like you did pretty much the same thing I did for the main construction of the words. The only differences are probably the level of abstraction and the mouse easing.

    If you’d like to see my source (which is finally live), you can take a look here.

  2. very nice…. your approach is definitely a little more refined. thanks for sharing!

  3. Zac says:

    I can’t seem to find the font conversion tool. Do you have a link to it? or email me?

  4. hey zac,

    looks like this site is down, getting a 404… when it comes back online, you should see a link for the typography tool on the page.

  5. Steven Dompu says:

    great article!
    thx for sharing :)

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