Newest Batch: Semi-California Common

The newest batch of homebrew is a steam beer ( aka California Common ). Ok, well its an attempt at a steam beer. Steam beers are malty, full-bodied beers more characteristic of ales ( not lagers ), but use a bottom fermenting ( lager ) yeast. Since lager yeast requires lower temperatures, ~48 degrees F, and I have no way of controlling temperatures in my apartment, I had to go with an Ale Yeast that works in higher temperatures. So really, I just made an Ale, but in the spirit of a steam. I am excited to try it soon!

At first, I overshot my target gravity, meaning I got more fermentable sugars in the wort than I was aiming for. I also ended up with about .5 gallon more wort than I was expecting… I am getting better about not spilling so much in the racking process! This extra sugar and less headroom in my primary fermentor resulted in some heavy blow-off. I emptied my blow-off glass a few times in the first day or two. Here is a shot of my glass:

Since I reuse as many bottles as I can from batch to batch, and I have dropped a couple without breaking them along the way, some of my bottles have become a little weak. I walked into the office where i store my beer during carbonation and it smelled like beer. It turns out one of my weak bottle couldn’t take the natural pressurization of carbonation, and more or less burst. Luckily it was a nice clean break into two pieces. Made a bit of a mess, but at least there were no glass shards all over the place.

I am gonna put a few of these babies in the fridge soon and give them a try!

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  1. i just tried this batch, and it is surprisingly good! quite a bit different than Anchor Steam, the only steam beer mass produced today, but it has a creamy full body and a smooth almost buttery taste.

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