Tinkering: Branches

I have been meaning to try my own branching experiments for a while now. I have been tinkering with some recursive drawing algorithims. Not sure where this will end up, but its been a pretty fun start…

you can click anywhere on the stage to start a fresh drawing…

3 Responses to 'Tinkering: Branches'

  1. Jonathan Dumaine says:

    Wow! how fun. It makes me wonder if the brush is still going on forever but it’s too small for the human eye to see! (or the size of a pixel for that matter).

    Good job, haha.

  2. Jonathan Dumaine says:

    Woah. I just had a run with only 1 gray brush four times in a row. What’re the odds?!


  3. chocorobokun says:

    wow that was great^^

    are u gonna release the source?

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