Fresh Hops!

fresh off the vine

My buddy Dana invited me to check out his hops harvest last weekend. It was the first time I have ever picked a hop off a vine.
We did the whole rub-it-to-bits-in-your-hand-and-taste-it thing as well. Very cool!

This year he is growing some Willamette and some Cascades. The Willamette vines was hampered by aphids this year, and he got just enough to use as some aroma hops for a single batch. The Cascade vine on other hand was large and healthy. Next weekend, we are going to brew two similar batches using his fresh hops!

A Willamette cone:
close up of a Willamette cone

A Cascade cone:
close up of a Cascade cone

The harvested Willamettes:
about enough to flavor a batch

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