wet hops! – from the vine to the kettle

Last saturday was a fun brew day. Harvesting, brewing with and drying (the leftover) vine-fresh hops == good times! And here is how it went…


I met up with Dana over at his community garden plot in Mission Hill to help harvest his awesome crop of cascade hops.

Here is the street view map of the garden:

and here is Dana with his crop:
dana and his hops

Notice how the hops have take to the chain link fence… They started off on a large tie rod, but at some point the rod snapped under the weight of the hops, so Dana trained them to the fence.

hop vine on the fence

light rain makes everything look nicer

different angle

a lone cluster


We carried the vine over to Dana’s back porch and started picking off the cones. It took about an hour or so and was a family affair :)


Time to run the hops through the salad spinner to remove the rain water. No pics of the salad spinner in action, but plenty of shot of the harvest…


Lunch. No pics but it was some amazing homemade tomato soup with some great cheeses.


The mashing is complete and the boiling begins


Added the first round of bittering hops. We used some Magnum (.5oz, 60 minutes, 14.4%) pellets and perle (.5oz, 30 minutes, 8.2%) for the bittering hops.


Adding the first dose (6 oz) of flavoring hops.

Fresh hops contain a lot of moisture, which significantly increase their weight. So if you are substituting fresh hops for dried in a recipe, you use about 5x the amount of hops :)


Killed the heat, and added the aroma hops. 12oz of fresh hoppy goodness


Wort cooled to 80F and hops strained out.


Took the remaining 15oz of hops, spread them between some large air filters, and put them on a box fan (shielded from light) for a couple days to dry them out.

Whewww… what a day!. And the brew is looking mighty fine. Dana and I brewed the same pale ale recipe except I am using UK 2-row and he is using US 2-row. We have decided to dry hop our beers with the remaining dried cascades. That gives us about 1.5 oz a piece. The 15oz of fresh hops dried down to 3 oz or so. I’m exciting to give these brews a try, and look forward to next september when the fresh hops are ready for another go.

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  1. Mhunter says:

    thanks for sharing! it’s almost exotic nowadays to do anything of the kind:)

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