Tinkering: Traveling Boxes

I have been reading about GTween, the tweening library from Grant Skinner, and this morning, I decided to check it out. While on his blog, I was reminded of FlashBuilder 4 (formerly FlexBuilder) and decided to grab the Beta off of Adobe Labs. Just to test out the FB4 environment, I started tooling around with some native 3D stuff.

Click on a square to follow it, click on the background to reset the camera back to its original position.

Suffice my tangential attempt to play with GTween to ending up with a neat little 3D demo that emulates a simple ‘camera following’ effect.

Originally I was just adjusting the camera without a tween, but I realizes it would be a great place to explore GTween’s interruption handling. It’s quite nice. I just created a single GTween instance and then kept calling GTween.setValues() to have it continually update is destination values. The result is a smooth camera follow that tweens it’s focus from one object to another.

Source: TravelingBoxes.zip

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  1. Michael says:

    curiously satisfying to watch – thanks.

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