Beer Review: Hercules DIPA

I’m doing a really cool beer swap over on yayhooray , and as part of the deal, I am reviewing each of the beers my buddy sends me. This is great, because I really want to hone my palate and be able to drink and talk about beer more critically.

Anyway, why not start posting reviews here? Yay for beer!

First up in my foray into beer reviewing:

the beer

name: Hercules Double IPA
style: American Double IPA
brewery: Great Divide Brewing Co. – Boulder, CO
sample type: 22oz bomber

the review

This one smells like cascades a mile away. Herbal, citrusy and lots of caramel sweetness. Pours a clear, golden-copper with ruby highlights.

Tightly packed head that stays up and rings the glass. Will leave your tongue coated with hops, so be ready for an intense beer when sitting down for this guy.

The body isn’t heavy, but it’s not light either. Not thick enough to draw attention, but its no lightwieght.

After splitting a 22 with Colleen over dinner, I wasn’t able to finish up my work for the evening… it hides it’s alcohol punch well.

As I said, lots of bitterness and bright citrusy goodness, but balanced with heavy handed use of caramel malts to sweeten up the malt profile. The sweetness keeps the hops in check on the way down, but I was tasting the hops long after the sweetness was subsided.

A great beer from a great brewery. I might just have to find some space in the fridge for another bottle of this one.

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  1. droope says:

    Programming and beer, the best combination ever! :D

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