Beer Review: Night Stalker Imperial Stout

the beer

name: Night Stalker Imperial Stout
style: Imperial Stout
brewery: Goose Island, Chicago, IL
sample type: 22oz bomber

the review

Black, black, black and opaque. Did I mention black? Holding my bike headlight right behind this brew could not get a peep of light through, and that headlight illuminates a good 45 feet in front of my bike.

Sits with a proud brown head of tightly packed bubbles after the pour, about a finger’s worth. The heads thins to rim of suds after a couple minutes.

Wow, did the smell of this brew surprise me. If I was blind folded, I would have mistaken this for something with ‘India’ in the name. Burst of citrus and spicy floral notes in the first whiff, and then comes around to a smell of leather and faint coffee beans.

After the smell, the taste complicates things. Warm with alcohol (~12% in this guy), meaty and smokiness (peat?) hits first and fades into a bitter roasted chocolate taste. This beer is liquid beef jerky, nay, liquid teriyaki beef jerky. For real, I want to use this in my next jerky recipe. Ends slightly acidic without a trace of hops, which the aroma suggests.

As you might imagine, this baby is thick. You can chew it if you want, I did, but it doesn’t add much.

Colleen wasn’t interested in this guy, so I’m reviewing it while she is at school and I’m watching the Tigers beat the Red Sox. Anyway, I will have to cork this baby and enjoy it later. 22oz of this is just too much for a lone hombre on a Sunday afternoon. Not an ideal summer baseball-watching brew, but very enjoyable. I will look this guy up come late fall when the leaves are gone and the temperatures are hanging in the 40s.

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  1. hmmm….I’ll do the same. Oh, did I mention? ….looks like I’ll be movin’ back to chicago come November.

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