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Updated for 2015 ‘new’ Media Player

I have a feeling annoying advertising won’t be addressed anytime soon, if ever. So I decided to block the ads. It’s a rather simple procedure.

After doing a little HTTP sniffing, I noticed that the service relies on a company named Auditude (fitting name really) for their in stream advertising needs. In order to eliminate the annoying advertisements that try their hardest to blow out your speakers or brainwash you with the same repetitive content, you just have to tell your computer to make all outgoing calls to their servers fail.

Just edit your computers hosts file to redirect all auditude and freewheel requests to your localhost. On my mac, I opened up Terminal and ran this command:

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I am an avid Detroit Tiger’s fan, and I also live in Boston, which means Tiger’s games are not an option on local TV. Furthermore, I spend my daytime hours building online-video advertisement software. Lastly, I rarely rant on this blog, but this is one of those occasions…

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