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I am an avid Detroit Tiger’s fan, and I also live in Boston, which means Tiger’s games are not an option on local TV. Furthermore, I spend my daytime hours building online-video advertisement software. Lastly, I rarely rant on this blog, but this is one of those occasions…

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Oh the drama of September for baseball fans who have teams in pennant races. The Tigers are currently 3.5 games back from the (damn) Yankees.

The Yanks and the Tigers pretty much swapped roles after the All Star break this year. The Yanks had a miserable start to their season, and many analysts predicted they would not make it into October, whereas the Tigers were 1 game off of the best record in the MLB and lead the league in almost all of the offensive categories.

However, July proved terrible for the Tigers who managed to win at a paltry .335 pace. At the same time, Cleveland (then behind the Tigers in the ALC race) caught fire and ran away with the division and the Yanks started winning a lot too.

Now us Tiger’s fans find out team playing good baseball once again, but is it too late? If the Yanks and the Tribe keep on winning Detriot will be going home in October. However, if the Tigers can keep winning their is a good chance they might sneak past the Yanks for the AL wildcard slot. The tigers tee off with the Rangers and the Twins this week. Both are sub .500 teams, although the Tigers have struggle with the ‘weaker’ teams this year.

I believe the Tiger’s have a shot at October….. keep playin’ hard!!!

Granderson and Willie Mays

A few days ago, my favorite player Curtis Granderson entered the record books rightnest to Willie Mays. He has become the 2nd player in MLB history (aside from Mays) to ever have at least 30 triples, 20 doubles, 20 homers and 20 stolen bases in a single season. Curtis continues to amaze!

It is worth mentioning that 8 teams this season do not even have 30 triples as indivual teams.

If I bought a baseball jersey….

It would have say GRANDERSON on the back. Curtis is an amazing defensive player in center field, his speed is dangerous on the basepaths (last night he was finally thrown out for the first time this season) and he has been knocking the extra base hits. While he strikes a lot, he still bats in the lead lead-off spot ’cause he gets the job done. He came through big for the Tiger’s last night (despite the rare pick-off) with a RBI single after quickly falling 0-2 in the bottom of the 8 to help keep the rally alive. Then in the top of the 9th, he made an outstanding diving catch to keep the Devil Rays at bay.

He is nice guy too and keeps a blog for his fans. Now, if those jerseys weren’t so damn expensive….