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Tinkering: Trailing Fountain

I have been going back though the my favorite AS3 book, Keith PetersActionscript 3.0 Animation and decided to tinker with the Fountain example:


Tinkering: Five3D AS3 TextCloud

Update… I cleaned up the source for this demo a bit. It’s a little better encapsulated, and you have more control over scattering/assembling the characters.

I was just taking a break from writing an article on using SQLite in an AIR project, and I landed on Zack Jordan’s blog and was checking out this cool textcloud he made with Five3D . I quickly became distracted from my article and headed over the Five3D site and download the Five3D AS3 library and began playing around with it. I saw people were interested in source code for the Text Cloud, so i decided to give a demo a crack.

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Yahoo AS3 Maps: Real Estate Schtuff

A couple months ago, I created a Yahoo! map component for a real estate project my team worked on. I have talked about the Yahoo! Map API before, and well, just figured I’d post this project.

I really like how easy it is to integrate your own graphic elements into Yahoo! maps. Adding markers is also a breeze. You can associate a marker with a groups for easy referencing ( marker management was a pain in the previous version ).

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Google Maps AS3 API

I am excited to see that Google has finally released a AS3 api for Google Maps ! While I have not really spent any time playing around with it, I did have a quick look at the API Reference and it looks promising. The one thing that caught my eye was the GroundOverlay class, which lets you attach an image to a lat/lon bounding box. Pretty neat.

All in all Google Maps will have a tough time winning me over from the amazing Yahoo! Maps API, but perhaps if they start to integrate Street View and some of the other features that make Google Maps so cool, Yahoo! will have some close competition.

A nice bonus with the Google documentation: it provides the best tutorial I have seen on how to setup the free Adobe AS3 SDK I have seen. When I make something with the Google Maps API, i’ll be sure to post it….

Public, Private, Protected, Internal: Access Modifiers in AS3

Wow, I really went away for a while. Between working, wedding planning and the holidays I really lost track of posting! Ohhh where to begin again :) . Since I have gotten a number of questions regarding access modifiers in AS3, thats seems a good place to start.

What is an access modifier?

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