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Tinkering: Traveling Boxes

I have been reading about GTween, the tweening library from Grant Skinner, and this morning, I decided to check it out. While on his blog, I was reminded of FlashBuilder 4 (formerly FlexBuilder) and decided to grab the Beta off of Adobe Labs. Just to test out the FB4 environment, I started tooling around with some native 3D stuff.

Click on a square to follow it, click on the background to reset the camera back to its original position.

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Tinkering: 25 lines of branches

If you haven’t heard, Keith Peters has breathed new life into the old 25 lines Actionscript Contest. The site has now just finished is still taking submissions for the 2nd contest (January 2009). I recommend getting involved in this contest, or at least seeing what you can do with 25 lines of code no matter what programming language you use. I re-worked my previous branching experiment and got it to fit in less than 25 lines, and was even able to add some simple 3D rotation stuff. Very cool. Anyway, here is what I submitted:

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Tinkering: Branches

I have been meaning to try my own branching experiments for a while now. I have been tinkering with some recursive drawing algorithims. Not sure where this will end up, but its been a pretty fun start…

you can click anywhere on the stage to start a fresh drawing…

Tinkering: Trailing Fountain

I have been going back though the my favorite AS3 book, Keith PetersActionscript 3.0 Animation and decided to tinker with the Fountain example:


Tinkering: Five3D AS3 TextCloud

Update… I cleaned up the source for this demo a bit. It’s a little better encapsulated, and you have more control over scattering/assembling the characters.

I was just taking a break from writing an article on using SQLite in an AIR project, and I landed on Zack Jordan’s blog and was checking out this cool textcloud he made with Five3D . I quickly became distracted from my article and headed over the Five3D site and download the Five3D AS3 library and began playing around with it. I saw people were interested in source code for the Text Cloud, so i decided to give a demo a crack.

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