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Converting a TextPattern site to WordPress

I decided to move the old website from TextPattern to WordPress. I was getting tired of the TXP interface and lack of plugins (in comparison), and was waiting for what seemed like years for TXP 5 to arrive. However, the wait has ended, and I am giving WordPress a shot. Converting from TextPattern to WordPress was not as bad as I expected, but it did take some effort.

In case you are thinking about doing the same thing, here is a brief outline of the conversion.

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A sad day in minnesota

Eyedea’s death has bummed me out, a lot. I didn’t know him personally or anything, but I listen to his music. Back in high school, he helped change my view of hip hop (for the better).

Heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.

Smile – Eyedea & Abilites

gooooood mooorrrrrnnnnnning…

sometimes a yawn can be so satisfying.

Apathy and Other Small Victories

This is a funny book. Really funny. I highly recommend picking this up to anyone who is looking for memorable quick read. Paul Neilan has created a wonderfully bizarre story about a a guy who has a crappy job, a crazy girlfriend, an unusual living situation, no car, an obsession with salt shakers, a guy who wants him dead and an unfounded murder case brought against him.

Its a fair price at the book store, but Apathy on amazon is a good deal.

I’m getting married!

Last week I proposed to my wonderful fiancé Colleen. It was a great time! Since we met at our local bowling alley almost 6 years ago, I figured what better place to propose than at the bowling alley :)

I didn’t think she would be expecting it, and it ended up being such a cool surprise! I brought a change of clothes for each of us and after we both had a chance to let the feelings sink in, we changed and headed out to our favorite fancy downtown restaurant, where champagne and a wonderful dinner were waiting for us.

I couldn’t be happier! Now only if weddings planned themselves…..