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The Makeshift Patriot

10 years ago, nearly to the hour, I was in my digital photography lab at Washtenaw Community College. My teacher came into the class room with tears running down her face. She said a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. We could not believe it. We made it into the hallway just in time to see the second plane crash via the news.

Obviously that day changed our lives. In both very personal and very far-reaching ways. My heart still hurts for the all the victims of the attacks. Their families. The people suffering still today. Either socially, politically, or far worse those mourning the loss of loved ones. I also have an overwhelming feeling of strength and heroics thinking of the first responders, and all those who put themselves in great danger for the sake of their fellow man.

Finally, there is sense of bewilderment, anger, and frustration regarding the aftermath of 9/11. Seeing civil rights narrowed, warfare, racial profiling, the patriotism bandwagon, the list goes on. Ten years ago Sage Francis wrote a raw song – Makeshift Patriot, very soon after the attacks. Above being an acute criticism of blurred 9/11 coverage, it has sadly proved prophetic as well.
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Sticky-icky IPA and Pumpkin 3.14

Ahhh the fall is here at last… at least the low 60s temperatures anyway. Which means? …. perfect outdoor fermentation temperatures are fast approaching. In an effort to coax mother nature to lend her hand to my beery ventures, I have a couple brews on the back porch enjoying the temperatures.

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[tinkering] is it Fall yet?

The calendar says no, but the temperature and my canvas tag say yes! Here is a toast to my favorite season of the year. Dark beer, hoodies, crisp air, and colorful trees!

mouse over to draw tree. mouse’s x controls angle, mouse’s y controls recursion

This is actually just a simple drawing exercise using fractals (simpler than you might think!). It’s a canvas tag, with a little bit of JS to handle the drawing.

Let’s take a look at the code:

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Holy Crap … Textpattern is wayyy better with comment spam

The WordPress version of this sight has been live for a couple hours, and I already had to delete a half dozen spam comments. I am going to look around for spam blocking plugins!

Converting a TextPattern site to WordPress

I decided to move the old website from TextPattern to WordPress. I was getting tired of the TXP interface and lack of plugins (in comparison), and was waiting for what seemed like years for TXP 5 to arrive. However, the wait has ended, and I am giving WordPress a shot. Converting from TextPattern to WordPress was not as bad as I expected, but it did take some effort.

In case you are thinking about doing the same thing, here is a brief outline of the conversion.

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