Growing Hops: Dealing with Pests

I am trying my hand at growing hops this year. I have two vines going; Cascade and Centennial. Both the vines are growing steadily, however a few days ago I started noticing some holes in some of the leaves. I turned the leaves over to see if there were any bugs on their underside. Whaddya know, some little caterpillars, happily eating away:

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Btw, it’s really easy to make beef jerky

This weekend I added my 2nd and 3rd batches of beef jerky to the dryer. The first batch came out well; I used Alton Brown’s stock recipe/box-fan technique.

The new batches are inspired from this thread. I have a mango-jalepenos (my local store was out of habaneros) and a carde-asada batch drying out now. For both, I used my trusty food processor to make the marinades. Here are the recipes, for ~.5 lbs of beef respectively:

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What’s brewing: Red Rye and Black Saison

This weekend I brewed a Rye beer and a Saison. I added a few ounces of Carafa III to the Saison. Oh what fun!

Let’s Brew: Making your own Candi Sugar

If you’ve ever purchased Candi Sugar from your local homebrew shop, it’s OK, we all make mistakes. Purchasing this stuff is a rip off, let’s make our own!

pick your color!

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On the Tex one

PHOTO: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Tigers celebrate at Yankees Stadium after eliminating the Yankees. Next up, the pennant series against Texas.