American League Trifecta

1) Miguel Cabrera has won the AL batting title. He batted .440 over the last month to claim the prize.

2) Verlander will be the unanimous AL Cy Young winner. He leads the AL in all the key categories.

3) Now, Granderson needs to win the AL MVP. Well, because he is awesome and is having a career year.
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Heading to October

Verlander is surely the Cy Young and has a legitimate shot at the AL MVP. Valvedre is 46/46. Enough said. I’m looking forward to October!
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Homebrewing DIY: Building a fermentation chamber out of a water cooler

Fermentation temperatures are an important, and often overlooked, aspect to brewing. Keeping the temperatures in the yeast’s happy zone will help ensure good attenuation, and reduce the chance of off flavors in your beer.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a spare refrigerator laying around with a temperature controller. You’re largely at the mercy of the elements for fermentation conditions. You need a cheaper, space saving solution. And no, just waiting for the fall is not an option- you need to to brew all-year-round
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[tinkering] bouncing circles

Playing around with some simple constraints on an array of moving circles. Click the canvas to start/stop the animation.

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User-friendly image saving from the canvas

After the previous few canvas exercises, I wanted a simple way to allow users to save images from a canvas tag to their local machine. Ideally, without any server-side dependencies. While the whole right-click-the-canvas-and-open-a-png-in-a-new-tab is a handy pro-tip, I really wanted a nicer and easy user experience. Something I wouldn’t have to explain to my mom how to use. I figured there were a few solutions out there, so I began poking around. I ended up with something of my own :)
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